Novara di Sicilia

Novara di Sicilia

In ancient Renaissance papers the village was called Noara, a village whose history is lost in the mists of time, but today is the most important place of passage located on the so called “Road of the 2 seas”.

'Novara' among the "most beautiful villages in Italy"

The ancient town of Novara di Sicilia is part of the "most beautiful villages in Italy", and has its origins in the heart of the Middle Ages, with a long history tied to the Arabs, the Normans, and the Cistercians.

The village has many panoramic corners of rare beauty, where you can still feel the authenticity of the ancient countries.

Novara di Sicilia is located just 30 minutes from the Tyrrhenian Sea, Tindari and Marinello, just in front of the Aeolian islands.

Between Woods and Rocks

The territory of Novara di Sicilia is an oasis of green, an area rich in forests of oak and pine trees, flowering meadows and hills of olive trees, hazelnut trees, vines and aromatic plants. Dominate the landscape the Rocks ’Salvatesta’ and ‘Leone’, two magnificent cliffs that are part of the Sicilian heritage site.

Nature is certainly one of the great protagonists of Novara di Sicilia, medieval village located on the border between the Peloritani and the Nebrodi mountains. For lovers of nature trails and hiking, the village of Novara is therefore an ideal destination.

However the greatest natural attraction is formed by the rocks of Novara di Sicilia: the ‘Salvatesta’ (1340 masl), also known as the Matterhorn of Sicily, and the ‘Leone’ (1222 m). To visit these two magnificent rocks is a nature trail that was created that allows you to discover the wonders of the area

The History and Culture of the Cistercians

The Cistercian Order is a monastic order was born in France in the late eleventh century. In Sicily, the first Cistercian abbey was born in Novara di Sicilia in the twelfth century, founded by Hugh of Citeaux and some of his followers.

The Churches and the Apotheosis of the Assumption

Novara di Sicilia is a town where you feel the Christian spirituality, during the year, even today, is in fact punctuated by events and religious holidays, some of which are of great importance, such as so-called 'Assumption Apotheosis'.

The Shelter of Sperlinga

Sicily is an extraordinary land for its long history. In Novara di Sicilia is one of the two Mesolithic shelters of Sicily, a fortress used as a shelter for seasonal hunting as early as 7000 BC.

The Stone, the ‘Maiorchino’ Cheese, Medicinal Herbs and Alchemy

The town of Novara di Sicilia is known as the 'stone village', but also the village of the 'cheese rolling' and again as the land of the monk-alchemists.

The Legend of the 'Treasury of the Rock’

The great natural attraction of Novara di Sicilia is formed from its strongholds: the Salvatesta Rock (1340 masl) and the Leone Rock (1222 m). To visit these two magnificent rocks , a nature trail was created, from the west to the east, For trekking lovers the town of Novara is therefore an ideal destination.

The Legend of the Spartivento Walnut

A Novara of Sicily once lived witches. Legend has it that where today the Cathedral stands was a giant walnut tree, the Spartivento Walnut, above which the witches met for their Sabbath, but also to enjoy dinners with eggs and bread.